Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has suggested that the platform holder may wait until Microsoft lifts the lid on its next-generation Xbox before it announces PlayStation 4.

Speaking to The Times about the release of Sony's next-generation console, Hirai asked: "Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

PlayStation 4's specs are alleged to have leaked late last week. The console is rumoured to contain an 8-core CPU, "ultra-fast" DDR5 RAM and an 800MHz Radeon GPU.

Hirai's comments appear to conflict with recent rumours suggesting that Sony is "determined" to release their next-generation console before Microsoft.

However, Hirai appears to be insisting that Sony's products - and presumably PlayStation 4 - meet a certain quality, telling The Times that he will demand things get changed if he's unhappy.

"I'll say, for a product that we're asking for this X number of yen, this is not good. I want this changed, I want that changed."

And he doesn't seem too afraid of taking risks, either.

"We shouldn't be afraid of failures in terms of product launches," Hirai added. "To me it's a bigger crime not to try some wacky ideas than be conservative."

Both the next-generation PlayStation and next-generation Xbox are expected to be revealed in March.

Source: The Times | Monday January 21 2013