Ubisoft has announced the autumn release of Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East. The standalone expansion will include a new campaign detailing the dramatic conclusion of the usurper Biara's reign.

"With a vast array of new content and an engaging, epic narrative, Heroes of Might & Magic V: Tribes of the East will thrill devoted fans of the series," said Tony Key, vice president of marketing for Ubisoft North America. "It's a fitting end to Heroes V - the most accessible chapter yet combined with the industry-leading quality that has made the Heroes franchise a benchmark for strategy gaming."

For the first time players will be able to take control of the Orc faction, made famous in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic. The Orcs are a savage and fiercely proud race and its troops include Orcs, Goblins, Cyclops and the Pao Kais.

In addition, Tribes of the East will feature 10 multiplayer and five single-player maps; alternate upgrade levels for every creature in Heroes V; new spells, artefacts and buildings; and innovative features such as the combo-based Artefact Power Link and Battle Rage.