The Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer was pretty bombastic so developer Avalanche Studios has released a list of ten things it wants to make sure you spotted over the course of the 80 second thrill ride.


1. The Wingsuit

The Wingsuit allows Rico to swoop across Medici at breakneck speeds, using the grapple to slingshot through tunnels and caves, under bridges and down mountainsides.

2. Multi-tether

Rico's grapple has taken a huge step forward, with one of the biggest new features being the ability to tether up to 5 things together in the world.

3. MASSIVE Explosions 

Medici is a world that's packed with petrol stations, huge fuel tanks and electrical substations that are just begging to go "boom".

4. Cascading Destruction

The new physics-based destruction system in Just Cause 3 means everything breaks, crumbles and falls apart in real-time, according to your actions - nothing is pre-canned.

5. The "Reeled Hang"

Rico will adopt this unique position when hooking onto the underside of anything in the world, allowing him to unleash chaos from above, even when upside down.

6. Destructible Vegetation

Blowing trees to bits with rockets, smashing through fences and vineyards in buses ... even the downforce of low flying helicopter rotors will flatten beautiful fields of lavender or sunflowers.

7. Monorail trains

Monorails are a completely new addition to the Just Cause vehicle mix.

8. Serious Miniguns

With this gun Rico can carve through just about anything in his path, like a hot knife through butter.

9. Bridge Destruction

You can now bring down bridges too. Shoot out the struts from below, or lay your unlimited C4 on the asphalt to blast huge holes through the road.

10. Stunting

Rico can now walk freely across the top of all the vehicles found in Medici, from the wings of planes, the tops of monorail trains to the bonnets and boots of automobiles.

Source: Just Cause

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