Helldivers 2 players say the Mechs should be overpowered

Helldivers 2 players say the Mechs should be overpowered
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Following multiple faled Major Orders this month, the Helldivers 2 community was able to complete one and unlock the new Emancipator Exosuit Mech. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the hit that Arrowhead Game Studios were hoping for, due to the Mechs not being very strong and it often makes sense to use other stratagems and weapons instead.

Two robots stand in a rugged, desert-like setting. One faces a blazing fire near a tent with a flag, while the other observes. The screen displays mission objectives: "Eliminate Dreadnator." This scene appears straight out of Helldivers 2.
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U/Electrical-Deer-5751 took to Reddit to discuss the Exosuit Mechs following the release of the Emancipator, which has been met with a mixed response by the community.

“Once I call in a suit I should be able to slaughter hordes of enemies of all sizes effortlessly; while it blasts Doom music that everyone can hear – me, teammates, enemies. Give the regular Exosuit “lock on” for the rockets so it can bring down fast-moving targets like gunships. Give the rockets more armor penetration. The autocannon suit needs to do bigger booms with its cannons. And give it the option to toggle its cannons between HE for dealing with chaff and AP for dealing with bigger enemies. Toggle with the reload button. Give the suits thermal vision to quickly spot stalkers and spore spewers. Go crazy. Suits need to be the ultimate weapon – the superweapons that you unlock last and dominate higher difficulties.”

When it comes to the Exosuits, they are the most expensive stratagems to unlock, have the highest cooldown time, are unable to complete objectives in them, and can’t use any other stratagems while using an Exosuit. Because of this, it would be expected that the Exosuits would be incredibly overpowered, but they aren’t. Instead, they are fairly mediocre to use and have a limited amount of ammo before they become useless.

Although the new Emancipator may not have been a hit, we need to continue to look ahead because the current Major Order marked the first time that Helldivers 2 mentioned The Illuminate by name, signaling that we could be set to encounter the futuristic faction in the near future. To help prepare for the arrival of the third enemy, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide, and if the Exosuit isn’t for you, check out our Stratagem tier list so you can find out what you should be carrying instead.