Helldivers 2 players have discovered that the 500KG Bomb is not good

Helldivers 2 players have discovered that the 500KG Bomb is not good
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When first starting out in Helldivers 2, one of the Stratagems you will likely be itching to unlock is the 500KG Bomb, due to its impressive explosion it looks like it will eradicate everything it comes into contact with. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and once you start using it you realize it’s not as good as it appears to be.

U/FreeReign0121 took to Reddit to discuss a recent Personal Order that required players to kill 200 enemies with the 500KG Bomb. But, some have discovered that despite its impressive visuals, it doesn’t seem to do much damage and take out a lot of enemies.

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U/killermoose25 explained the reason for this saying “The way the damage cone is shaped it doesn’t work that well. Put one in the middle of a large bug nest , you think great this will close all the holes in one giant explosion, the cone is so small it won’t hit a single hole. The visual is impressive the damage is not.”

U/United-Dot-2814 believes it may be a development issue and that the explosion is supposed to deal more damage saying “Maybe the 500 kg bomb was supposed to have a wide radius to kill small unit, with the center explosion able to kill bile titan, but for whatever reason, the devs made the explosion radius so small that it doesn’t match the visual effect it has.”

Despite it not doing as much damage as it looks like it should, I still enjoy using it, maybe I just like shiny things, but there is very little in Helldivers 2 that is as satisfying as that large explosion, even if it only kills three out of five Troopers.

While the current Major Order is ongoing, you can use the 500KG Bomb without it taking a slot in your Stratagems, or you can add a second for double the fun. With over 3.1 billion Automatons and Terminids to deal with, it will surely get a lot of use. To help rack up the high kill counts needed to complete the Major Order, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can build the ideal loadout for your play style.