Helldivers 2 player shares positive Stratagem Operations ideas

Helldivers 2 player shares positive Stratagem Operations ideas
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Helldivers 2 is an incredibly difficult game, especially when taking on the higher difficulties from 7 and above. Not only are missions difficult, but planets also have environmental modifiers such as fire storms, ion storms to jam Stratagems, and cold to slow you down. If that doesn’t sound like the odds are stacked against you, some missions also have modifiers to make it even more difficult.

Helldivers 2 best stratagems: A player uses the Orbital Laser against a Charger. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image captured by VideoGamer.

U/Atomatic13 took to Reddit to discuss these modifiers. Some planets and missions have modifiers that make it harder. These can include being able to carry one less Stratagem and calling in Stratagems and extraction takes double the time. While this adds a new challenge to a mission, there is no benefit to choosing any of these missions over a regular one outside of just wanting a more difficult experience.

Arrowhead Game Studios should add a reward for completing missions with a negative modifier, such as an increased amount of Medals or XP boost to encourage players to complete them.

Instead, u/Atomatic13 has made some suggestions to add positive modifiers to make the mission more enjoyable. Here are some of their ideas,

  • Weapons Cache: you can carry 50% extra reserve ammo for primary/secondary weapons
  • Low Orbit: Eagle 1 rearm is decreased, and Pelican 1 arrives faster. Orbital strikes take 1 less second to arrive
  • Increased Ordinance Budget: you gain one more Stratagem, chosen randomly
  • High Oxygen Atmosphere: stamina increased, and fire burns for longer
  • UAV Recon: all sub-objective locations revealed immediately
  • Incompetent Leadership: enemies are less likely to send heavies to you (appears after completing “destroy command bunkers” mission for the next 2 missions)
  • Sabotaged Air Bases: 1 less enemy dropships appear per wave (appears for the next 2 missions after completing “sabotage air bases)
  • High Enlistment: +1 reinforce budget per teammate
  • Increased Supply Budget: support weapon/ backpack/ supply box cooldown decreased
  • Clear Skies: Eagle 1 responds to call in faster, barrage spread decreased
  • Democratic Morale: all Helldivers experience a minor boost to health, stamina, recoil handling, and speed (appears after “spread democracy” for the next 2 missions)

Many of these sound like great modifiers to make missions easier, and positive modifiers would likely be incredibly popular among players. They could also come in handy, especially during the current Major Order that calls for the eradication of over 3.1 billion Automatons and Terminids. To ensure victory against your chosen enemy, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can build the perfect loadout for your play style.