Helldivers 2 devs will “automate systems” once live support ends, but CCO says that won’t happen soon

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The never-ending Galactic War in Helldivers 2 continues to shift, and each day brings us a new surprise to sink our ‘Liber-tea’-infused teeth into. But, like any live-service game, there will inevitably come a time when things start to slow down, whether it’s due to the developers shifting focus on a new game or players simply wanting to try new things. If that does happen, Arrowhead Game Studios CCO Johan Pilestedt has assured the community that they have a plan to keep Helldivers 2 playable.

According to Pilestedt’s response on Twitter/X, “If [they] stop supporting Helldivers at any point, [they] will automate systems to ensure it keeps being playable.” “But our ambition is to support and build the game for many more years—we have so much cool stuff in store,” he continued. AGS CEO Shams Jorjani chimed in on a separate post, saying, “Currently [documenting and preserving Helldivers 2’s various game modes] is a low priority for them and, frankly, will be for a long time.”

This should come as good news to Helldivers 2’s fan base, as the dev team’s transparency and constant communication with players are among its biggest strengths. If it does happen, an automated system essentially spells stagnation for the game since that means AGS would slow down on introducing fresh content to play around with, like the new Jungle biome on Gacrux or the leaked Defense Wall stratagem.

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