The upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, due for release this holiday season, will notably feature the ability to toggle between original and remastered graphics at the touch of a button, but will not allow players to select the game's original music and sound effects.

Speaking to journalists at a behind closed doors E3 event today, it was revealed that, as part of the remastering process, all of the game's music and sound effects have been re-recorded at the Skywalker Ranch. The original voice acting has been kept, however.

But, unlike the graphics, users craving a slice of aural nostalgia will be unable to toggle between classic and remixed audio tracks.

"Priority one for us was to make sure the game played exactly how it did ten years ago," said 343 Industries executive producer Dan Ayoub. "The way we do this is we're actually running two engines simultaneously. You've got the original Halo code running right now, and that's how we ensure it controls the same, it reacts the same, the gameplay is the same."

The game's new Terminals - animated comics which detailed the other day - will feature new dialogue with voice acting supplied by the original cast.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will launch November 15 for a lower than usual price, and will include a reproduction of the original Halo campaign, as well as supporting Achievements and a multiplayer component based on the Halo: Reach engine.

The multiplayer mode will feature seven multiplayer maps, one of which will be for Firefight mode.

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