“Halo” TV Series Season 2 – Release Date Prediction, Plot, Cast, What We Know So Far

“Halo” TV Series Season 2 – Release Date Prediction, Plot, Cast, What We Know So Far
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The “Halo” TV series arrived to much fanfare earlier this year.  Starring, Pablo Schreiber, as the “Master Chief”, with Jen Taylor as “Cortana”. The show’s had a mixed response from fans, largely, due to its changes to the canon established in the “Halo” videogames, novels, comic books, and reference books.

However, despite these mixed feelings from long term “Halo” fans towards the creative decisions of the series’ first season. It still gained enough views on the Paramount+ streaming platform for Paramount Pictures to go ahead and greenlight a second season.

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In addition to announcing that production has now begun on Season 2. Paramount Pictures have also made some casting announcements regarding the 2nd season, beginning with the announcement that Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Brave New World) will be joining the series playing new (to the TV series) character, James Ackerson, who is described in their press release as “a formidable intelligence operative who has spent his career climbing the ranks of the UNSC’s secretive Office of Naval Intelligence.”

In addition to Morgan, Paramount have also announced that, Cristina Rodlo (Too Old to Die Young, The Terror, 68 Whiskey), will also be joining the case of Season 2, playing new (to the TV series) character, Talia Perez, who is described in the press release as “a corporal specializing in linguistics for a UNSC Marine Corp communications unit and a relatively new recruit who has yet to see any real combat.”

The press release also confirms that Season 1 characters, Laera (played by Fiona O’Shaughnessy), and her son, Kessler (played by Tylan Bailey), have been made series regulars for Season 2.


Production/shooting on Season 2 has officially begun, as confirmed by the below tweet from the official “Halo” TV series Twitter page:

Credit: Official Halo on Paramount+ Twitter

And here’s a clearer look at the photo showing cast members (left to right) Bentley Kalu (Vannak-134), Natasha Culzac (Riz-028), Kate Kennedy (Kai-125), Pablo Schreiber (Master Chief), and Natasha Culzac (Riz-028), on location in Iceland:

Credit: Official Halo on Paramount+ Twitter

What is the release date for Season 2 of the Halo TV series?

No official release date has been confirmed yet for Episode 1 of Season 2, but, as the show started production in Iceland in mid September 2022, and given how long, especially for a show of this budget and scale, to go from shooting into post production (editing, music scoring, CG VFX, sound FX, colour grading, etc).

It feels like a safe assumption to say that the first episode will not air until at least Summer 2023 if not possibly Fall/Autumn 2023.

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Where can I watch Season 2 of the “Halo” TV series?

As this is a Paramount Pictures production, it will be airing exclusively on their Paramount+ streaming platform in every country worldwide where Paramount+ is currently available. While Paramount Picture’s regional broadcast partners will air the series in countries where Paramount+ is not currently available.

What is the story of Season 2 of the “Halo” TV series?

No official story synopsis has been made available yet for Season 2, but, “Halo” TV series Executive Producer, Kiki Wolfkill, has stated in an interview with Deadline regarding the Season 1 finale back in May 2022:

“I believe really strongly that we have an amazing story to tell with him and we’ll continue to do so, and sometimes as we know with the Silver Timeline that it’ll be different than we’ve seen him before. But who he is as a character both as Master Chief and as John is wholly the same.”

“We see him in game continuity sort of farther in the future than where we sit with the show right now. I will add that part of who Master Chief is sort of the things that you don’t see in the games with John and the man inside the armor. I think that’s something that we definitely want to continue to explore in season two.”

Wolfkill would then go on to discuss the fate of Soren (played by Bokeem Woodbine), and Kwan (played by Yerin Ha), stating:

“We’re still working on season two obviously from a script perspective. I will say we love all three characters – the Master Chief, Soren, and Kwan – and they all have such an interesting dynamic together. To me, that’s something that I would love to see more of.”

Who stars in Season 2 of the “Halo” TV series?

Pablo Schreiber returns as Master Chief

Jen Taylor returns as Cortana

Natascha McElhone returns as Dr. Catherine Halsey

Danny Sapani returns as Captain Jacob Keyes

Olive Gray returns as Dr. Miranda Keyes

Shabana Azmi returns as Admiral Margaret Parangosky

Kate Kennedy returns as Kai-125

Natasha Culzac returns as Riz-028

Bentley Kalu returns as Vannak-13

Yerin Ha returns as Kwan Ha

Charlie Murphy returns as Makee

Bokeem Woodbine returns as Soren-066

Fiona O’Shaughnessy returns as Laera

Tylan Bailey returns as Kessler

Joseph Morgan plays James Ackerson

Cristina Rodlo plays Talia Perez

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