Half-Life 2 patch finally lets its NPCs blink

Half-Life 2 patch finally lets its NPCs blink
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Valve has released an update for Half-Life 2 that fixes its beleaguered NPCs inability to blink, along with save file issues and missing sounds on combine soldiers (via Eurogamer).

All hail Half-Life 2, the best game ever made! Well, clearly it wasn’t the best game ever made, because it didn’t let its poor NPCs blink. A heinous omission. A violation of the poor characters’ quality of life. Valve has finally fessed up to its crime and has issued a patch that fixed NPCs not blinking, so that they may refresh their irritated and tired eyeballs at long last.

In addition, the update fixed missing sounds on Combine soldiers, fixed a save file problem, and fixed SteamVR running when entering the settings menu. Seeing as Valve has suddenly updated its fifteen year old shooter, does that mean that Half-Life 3 is on the horizon? No. It’s just an update. Settle down, now.

I have not played Half-Life 2 because I am very young and youthful. Hazarding a guess, I was probably learning to do times tables in my Year 3 primary school class when everyone else was playing what would become one of the greatest games of all time. Or something.