The downloadable PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto 5 suffers from significant performance issues, a video comparison has revealed.

Digital Foundry's video compares the digital PS3 version with the retail Blu-ray version, revealing that the digital version suffers from noticeable pop-in caused by issues with the game's streaming.

The problem appears similar to that found in the Xbox 360 version when both discs are installed to the console's hard drive.

"At this point in time we cannot recommend the digital download version of Grand Theft Auto 5, as it introduces streaming/pop-in issues that are simply not an issue in the retail disc version of the game," Digital Foundry says.

"While the issue isn't ever-present, this shot selection demonstrates some of the problems. In all cases, we find that the retail disc game offers the superior GTA5 experience."

The revelation will come as a major blow to those who have picked up the digital version of GTA 5 - particularly considering the ongoing issues experienced by some attempting to download the game.

Rockstar warned Xbox 360 players not to install GTA 5's play disc earlier this week, which was later discovered to cause streaming issues in the game. Xbox 360 players are able to install the play disc to a USB flash drive, however, to prevent such issues.


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