Grand Prix mode, the mode which allowed players to create and compete in a full F1 season as an official F1 driver, has been removed from F1 2012, Codemasters has confirmed.

Concerned F1 fans picked up on the possibility of the mode's removal over the weekend, after a tweet from the game's creative director Steve Hood suggested that players would no longer be able to play a full season as a real-world F1 driver.

This afternoon, Codemasters confirmed to that was indeed the case, but that players can still compete in a full F1 season via the game's career mode as their own created character.

"In previous games you could create your own F1 season in the Grand Prix mode so you could, if you so wished, recreate a season and play as an official F1 driver," Codemasters told us.

"The Grand Prix option has been replaced with Quick Race this year so you can jump into a one off race much easier, but you cannot create a series of races.

"The championship is now solely part of the career (up to five years) where you create your own driver and move between teams - the teams available to you at the start of your career are dictated by the difficulty level."

The option to create a full season of races and compete in them as an official F1 driver had been available to players in all of Codemasters' previous F1 titles.

It's not known why the mode has been removed from F1 2012.

In addition to Quick Race, F1 2012 introduces the Young Driver Test, which teaches new players the ropes of Formula 1, and Season Challenge mode, which offers a series of challenges for players to compete in.

F1 2012 launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next Friday, September 21. A demo of the game is available to download now on Xbox 360, and on other formats later this week.

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