Google will launch its impressive new Nexus 7 Android tablet in the UK later this month without deals in place to provide music, TV shows and magazines, reports the Guardian.

Set to launch July 19 in 8GB (£169) and 16BG (£199) versions, early adopters will be left to make do without access to stores for pretty much all media content besides games.

It's a situation Amazon faced when attempting to bring its Kindle Fire to the UK, a product yet to launch here because of trouble agreeing deals with media groups.

Apple which already has media deals in place, could strike a killer blow if the rumoured iPad mini launches this autumn.

A lack of entertainment offerings would be a major blow for Google and its Nexus 7, but on-demand services compatible with the new Jelly Bean OS will be available - Sky has confirmed that support for its on-demand and streaming service is coming.