The developer behind bone-breaking PS4 behemoth God of War has revealed it initially flirted with setting Kratos' next adventure in Egypt, but ultimately plumped for Scandinavia as it didn't want to rub shoulders with Assassin's Creed Origins.

Speaking to Game Informer, Cory Barlog revealed the team was pretty much evenly split between the two settings, although it obviously went in favour of a more chilly adventure for the perpetually pissed off anti-hero and his son. However, Barlog suggested God of War may yet to go Egypt at some point in the future.

'Half the team wanted one. Half the team wanted the other. It was very divided. I finally just had to write up a document on why we were going to go with this one, and why the next one is something that we might explore a little bit later,' he said.

Barlog further explained that he wanted to a void an 'Armageddon/Deep Impact' situation with two 'Egyptian mythology games' on the market, having found out early on that Origins -- then known by the code name Assassin's Creed: Osiris -- would be heading there too.  

God of War is due out at some point this year, possibly as early as March. GameSpot will be flogging an expensive Stone Mason Edition of the upcoming PS4-exclusive if you fancy emptying your wallet for the cause. 

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