Epic has announced Forces of Nature, the fourth chunk of Gears of War 3 DLC. It will be available for 800 Microsoft Points (or free for Gears of War 3 Season Pass holders) on March 27.

Announced on GameTrailers, Forces of Nature contains three new multiplayer maps, Aftermath, Artillery and Cover, with each map taking place in the midst of natural disasters.

Aftermath is set in a government park after a tsunami, which floods and quakes during play. It's difficult to aim during the quakes, and hard to go unnoticed when you're splashing about in the water.

Artillery is a military base which gets ravaged by a storm during a game, starting with flashes of lightning but culminating in a tornado. Dust and debris make it difficult to see, and the wind can make it easy to sneak up on your foes.

Cove is a Stranded port town. It's an open map with a sniper's nest and long lines of fight, but the whole map is shrouded in a thick fog.

There are also two more maps included, which are remakes of previous maps. Those are Jacinto from Gears of War 2 and Raven Down from Gears of War 1.

The maps will also include four bonus map-specific weapons known as Elemental Cleavers. Two of them were detailed - the Snow Cleaver can stun enemies by conjuring up gusts of wind, and the Emulsion Cleaver causes explosions on impact. You can bag Achievements with these weapons by scoring 25 kills with them in Beast or Horde mode, and a total of 10 Achievements (worth 250 Gamerscore) will be available.

Forces of Nature will also contain four character models - Commando Dom, Mechanic Baird, Savage Grenadier Elite and the Savage Hunter. Dom and Baird were both previously available as a pre-order DLC incentive.

Finally, there are seven new weapon skins included with the pack. Five are unlocked straight away, and two (which are based on community feedback) must be unlocked by playing the DLC content.

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