Nintendo has revealed that its GBA SP was the must have videogame console this Christmas. A price reduction in September, reducing the cost to £69.99, lead to an increase in sales of 45% over the months leading up to Christmas. Combined sales of the GBA and GBA SP have now topped four million units.

Dawn Paine, Head of Marketing, Nintendo UK, had this to say about the handhelds success:

"With one million Game Boy Advance SPs sold in the UK in 2004 alone, this takes total Game Boy Advance sales figures to an astounding 14 million across Europe to date. The handheld games industry continues to grow and grow, and these figures highlight that Nintendo is still the key player. 2004 has been a great year for the Game Boy Advance SP... We are extremely excited to watch another exciting year unfold."

Even with Nintendo's DS system waiting in the shadows, 2005 looks to be a strong year for the GBA SP. Games such as Donkey Kong: King of Swing, Kingdom of Hearts, Smashing Drive from ZOO Digital and Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas from Disney/BVG, look to continue the systems strong sales.

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