Fight Night Round 2 is shaping up to be one of the greatest boxing titles ever made, and GameCube owners now have another reason to take an interest in the game. The classic Super Nintendo game, Super Punch-Out, will be included with the game.

Kudo Tsunoda, Executive Produce at EA Chicago, had this to say on the inclusion of the SNES classic:

"We grew up as fans of the Punch-Out!! series that delivered hands-down, the best boxing gaming experience of its time. Now we're offering Nintendo GameCube gamers double the boxing excitement with one of the best sports titles of the past as well as the most realistic and knuckle-clenching boxing game of today with Super Punch-Out!! and EA SPORTS Fight Night Round 2. This is the ultimate match-up."

With last years Fight Night game not appearing on the GameCube, this is the first chance GameCube owners will have at experiencing the series. Added more to the package, players will be able to unlock Little Mac from Super Punch-Out, and play with him against more than thirty real life boxers.

Fight Night Round 2 is set for release on March 1st 2005.

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