GAME has temporarily re-opened pre-orders for Xbox One's Day One Edition.

The retailer's website states that it's now the "last chance to pre-order [an Xbox One] for launch". Consoles are also available to pre-order in store, but the company expects "store preorders to run out before online".

A number of the retailer's stores warn that pre-orders will be open for today only.

"We've done some number wrangling and are happy to say we still have a limited number of preorder consoles we can offer," GAME says. "We've even re-added the bundles we had on offer."

A number of bundles are available to pre-order, including the Day One Edition with a digital copy of FIFA 14 and a Day One Edition with FIFA and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

GAME stopped taking pre-orders for Xbox One Day One Edition earlier this week after fulfilling its initial allocation.

Anybody who ordered the standard edition after the announcement will automatically be upgraded to the Day One Edition. However, this does not include orders for the GAME Exclusive Xbox One (Standard Edition) with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Xbox One launches this November for £429.