Funcom director of communications Erling Ellingsen has told that the recent Age of Conan re-evaluation promotion, designed to bring previous players back to the game, has been a success.

"The results of the campaign are really good with server activity booming, and entire guilds have made their return to the game," said Ellingsen. "The feedback from returning players has been really good so far, and it seems that the game's massive changes since launch is making a big difference for them. We're very excited to see the renewed interest among former players!"

There's even more to come for Age of Conan, with Funcom today detailing the first info on Update 6.

There's no confirmed release date, but we are promised a host of new gameplay features for guilds. Guilds will be able to acquire renown points through a variety of actions carried out by guild members. These include sieges between guilds, crafting, questing and monster hunting. Guilds will also be ranked, adding more competition between guilds.

You'll find an open letter to AoC players from game director Craig Morrison over on the game's official community site if you want more details.

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