Realtime World has released an updated FAQ explaining the many ways gamers will be able to take part in its upcoming crime MMO APB: All Points Bulletin.

APB Business Model at a Glance

- Purchase a retail version of APB - either in-store or online. $49.99 US - £34.99 UK - €49.99 EU

- APB includes 50 hours of Gametime and unlimited free access to the Social Districts where all of the game's customization takes place

After the 50 hours of Gametime are consumed, choose either:

Gametime 20 hours for $6.99 US - £5.59 UK - €6.29 EU - for those who expect to play infrequently. (Gametime Hours never expire)

Unlimited Gametime 30 days for $9.99 US - £7.99 UK - €8.99 EU - for those who expect to play frequently. (With discounts for 90 day and 180 day selections)

All Realtime Worlds services, including Gametime packages are purchased with RTW Points - real money values shown above are RTW Points-value equivalents.

What are RTW Points, and what are they used for?

RTW Points are a virtual currency purchased with real world money and are used to purchase services from Realtime Worlds such as Gametime.

You can also use RTW Points to purchase items from other players on the Marketplace or sell your own items on the Marketplace to gain additional RTW Points.

When you purchase a copy of APB, we give you an initial 100 RTW Points free to spend any way you choose.

How do I buy RTW Points?

You can purchase RTW Points at any time, whether in-game or from our website. The following RTW Points packages will be available at release:

200 RTW Points Package: £3.99

400 RTW Points Package: £7.99

600 RTW Points Package: £11.99

1400 RTW Points Package: £27.99

2600 RTW Points Package: £51.99

The following Gametime packages are available at release:

Gametime 20 Hours: 280 RTW Points

Unlimited 30 Days: 400 RTW Points

Unlimited 90 Days: 1140 RTW Points

Unlimited 180 Days: 2160 RTW Points

Why do I have to pay an ongoing cost?

APB is a persistent, online game with servers hosted by Realtime Worlds out of state-of-the-art datacenters to ensure the highest quality experience for all players - no inconsistent peer-to-peer hardware or networking issues.

Your ongoing purchases go towards the costs of maintaining this high quality service and help fund additional development for ongoing content and gameplay additions.

What can I do in APB if I don't want to pay further costs?

Once you've purchased APB via retail and established your Realtime Worlds account, you will always have free access to the Social Districts - including the Customization studios and the Marketplace.

Can I create items and sell them to other players?

Yes. However, selling your creations to other players incurs a small RTW Points fee. This process is called Manufacturing a customized item.

The following Manufacturing costs will be present at release:

All vehicles: 10 RTW Points

Clothing - Major (head, torso, legs): 5 RTW Points

Clothing - Minor (accessories, underwear, and footwear): 2 RTW Points

Theme / Song: 2 RTW Points

Symbol: 2 RTW Points

Why charge such low RTW Points value Manufacturing costs at all?

We believe the quality of the experience would suffer if the Marketplace were inundated with junk. The intent of the nominal Manufacturing charge is to prevent high volume of low quality items from crowding the Marketplace listings.

Additionally, we are investigating systems that would recognize reputable sellers and save on their Manufacturing costs.

Why is the amount I receive for a successful Marketplace sale different than the final auction price?

Similar to other auctions, there is commission on successful transactions. However, there are no listing fees nor is there any charge for unsuccessful Marketplace auctions.

APB: All Points Bulletin is scheduled for release on July 2 for PC.

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