Frostpunk’s final DLC, On The Edge, will launch on August 20 for PC.

On The Edge will perhaps be the player’s fiercest challenge in the desolate alternate Europe depicted in Frostpunk. Set after the Great Storm, an old army warehouse has been uncovered, and a scouting party sets up shop with the supplies left behind in this rickety building. 

“Near the outpost, there are no animals to hunt, so you’ll be depending on food sent from New London and their favors are not inexhaustible,” explained 11 bit studios. “They have their demands too. The good part is that the weather is not so severe here, on the edge. For now, the people have managed to survive without a Generator, but for how long? Will you be able to lead them for survival, far from the capital city of New London?”

The DLC’s “gripping” story will pose the core conflicts of Frostpunk in a brand-new setting. Unique structures, new methods, and new mechanics are added with On The Edge, for the player to combat the elements and secure the survival of their population in these uncharted lands. 

Frostpunk is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Watch the cinematic trailer below. 


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