Kaos Studios has posted an update on the progress of its incoming DLC for the PC and Xbox 360 multiplayer shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War. The good news is that there's plenty of work going on, with new patches for the PC and Xbox 360 versions on the way, plus a host of weapon and map DLC.

Kaos has gone into more detail on the maps and has also confirmed that one of the five new battlefields - detailed below - will be included in PC update 1.20 and has been sent to Microsoft for certification for Xbox 360.


As Western Coalition armour closes in on the last functional Red Star nuclear missile facility, Red Star tanks rally to defend their last hopes for victory in Europe.

Featuring the never before seen Automatic Shotgun, Rocket Jeep and Red Star Transport Helicopter, you'll need to use all of the weapons in your arsenal to conquer this mixed infantry and vehicle battleground.


As the sun sets on Kazakhstan's Charyn canyons, the skies erupt with fire. With Red Star Alliance fighters screaming across the idyllic landscape, the WC send out their prototype AB11 aircraft in a last ditch effort to defend their embattled airfield.

Rip apart Red Star armour with the all-new AB11 tank buster, or take the fight to the Coalition with the all new RS Kobra aircraft in this massive air combat arena. With dozens of jets and a new shoulder mounted, anti-air stinger weapon, Hindsight brings Frontlines air combat to a whole new scale.


This small industrial port is a critical support facility to Novorossiysk, the main Russian oil shipping installation in the Caspian Sea. The world's energy crisis and the resulting war have turned these important facilities into cold, steel battlegrounds.

Prepare for harrowing close-quarters combat in this infantry-only industrial battle. With shipping crate stacks and catwalks high overhead, Sunder delivers intense vertical gameplay and 360 degree action.

Wide Awake

For weeks, WC air support swarmed over the mountaintop compound as the Coalition's heavy tanks rained fire on the defenders below. The valley mired in stalemate.

Inspired by the game's fifth single player mission, break the deadlock or hold the line in Wide Awake. A mid-sized battleground combining armour, helicopters, and fortress like cover amidst the ruins of the southern Russian Command facility.


Low on supplies, their solar arrays disabled, their armour support long gone, the surviving Red Star defenders dig in to the fortified mountainside. The slate tremors as Coalition forces infiltrate the base.

The nuclear facility experienced in the single player game becomes available as a new multiplayer map. As WC forces push inside the complex, the dug-in Red Star defenders roll out the welcome mat. Drones, EMP and high intensity gun fights punctuate the silence of the mountainside in this close-quarters, infantry-only skirmish.