Ubisoft has announced that its god game From Dust has set a new digital sales record for the company. The game had the highest first day sales of any Xbox LIVE Arcade game from the publisher, with sales approximately 45 per cent higher than the previous best title.

"From Dust is another great example of Ubisoft's on-going commitment to bring original intellectual properties and brands to the digital space," said Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing, Ubisoft. "Ubisoft is a creative company dedicated to delivering innovative and engaging content for all types of players - whether it's a big retail game or a short format digital title such as From Dust."

The game earned a decent 7/10 in our From Dust review, with Jamin stating that "It's easy to appreciate From Dust, but harder to enjoy it".

Ubisoft announced that the PC version of From Dust will arrive on August 17, while a PS3 version for PlayStation Network will be available soon.


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