Forza Horizon developer Playground Games has discussed the technology it would like to see in a next-generation Kinect, saying that "better gesture recognition is an absolute must for the next Kinect".

"I think what we need to get towards is better resolution in the camera," Playground Games' design director Ralph Fulton told GamerZines.

"I know the Fable guys have done a lot of work on getting seated skeletal recognition right and that's a great advance. I think better gesture recognition is an absolute must for the next Kinect."

Microsoft is expected to be developing a next-generation Kinect for the next-generation Xbox. Neither have been officially announced by the firm.

An alleged image of the device in action also surfaced online last month.

Forza Horizon uses the current Kinect's voice recognition technology to let players control the in-game GPS. The open world racer launches on Xbox 360 on October 26.

Meanwhile, those 'Fable guys' - Lionhead - told last week that there are "exciting times ahead" for the studio, and suggested that the transition to next-generation consoles is an "exciting" and "scary time".

The developer has worked extensively on seated skeletal recognition for its upcoming Kinect game Fable: The Journey.

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