Fortnite’s newest update broke faces in a hilariously horrifying way

Fortnite’s newest update broke faces in a hilariously horrifying way
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While weekly updates to Fortnite are meant to fix outstanding issues, the nature of a live service game means that sometimes new problems are introduced.

That seems to be the case with a hilarious bug making the rounds in the Fortnite community at the moment, with a number of threads giving some player models a rather freakish smile effect looking like they’ve seen a particular cursed videotape.

Taking a look at the Fortnite subreddit reveals Bytes has been hit pretty hard by the bug, with a video from Alphasilverhawk showing the character’s dislocated jaw dangling around – and the effect is made even worse when they break into a dance.

They’re not the only example either, as HybridTheory shares an image of several skins who seem to be locked into a creepy smile including the recently released Solid Snake skin. While it’s not as twisted, it certainly gives the characters an unsettling creepiness.

The community are reacting pretty well, listing off characters like Robocop and Rick from the Walking Dead who look very different with their smiles. Maybe one of the worst hit though by this bug is Teef, who’s no longer living up to their name at all.

The good news is that this bug seems mostly restricted to the lobby screen so far, but it is pretty funny to look at – we dare say it’ll be fixed before too long, but for now probably best you don’t look too closely at your favourite skin’s face.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Epic Games is granting another free Fortnite emote, and later this week the game will welcome Shredder to the battle royale. But given he’s wearing a mask, perhaps no one will notice if he’s creepily smiling underneath?