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Fortnite Weekly Challenges for January 18

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A new batch of Fortnite weekly challenges has finally arrived and players can now attempt to complete these objectives to earn heaps of XP.

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Now that it’s here, you may be wondering what you can expect in terms of its tasks and prizes. Luckily, we’re here to give you all the information you’ll need so you can be fully prepared before jumping right in.

With that said, here are the Fortnite challenges for the week of January 18.

All Fortnite Weekly Quests for the week of January 18

These are the Fortnite weekly challenges that are available for the week of January 18:

  • Crack an opponent’s shield or have your shield cracked (0/1) – rewards 16K XP
  • Restore health or shields with augments (0/250) – rewards 16K XP
  • Reroll Augments in different matches (0/5) – rewards 16K XP
  • Mark enemies in a single match (0/10) – rewards 16K XP
  • Stage 1 of 4 – Restore shields to yourself or other friendly players (0/50) – rewards 16K XP
  • Stage 1 of 4 – Mark enemies (0/5) – rewards 16K XP
  • Bonus Goal: Complete three of this week’s quests (0/3) – rewards 42K XP

What are Fortnite weekly challenges?

Fortnite weekly challenges are a set of objectives that you can complete throughout the course of a match. Some challenges, however, require you to finish them over a number of different games. After you’ve completed them, you will be rewarded with varying amounts of XP. This is typically the fastest way to level up due to the amount that it provides.

It’s important to note, though, that you will only be given one week to accomplish the entire set of tasks. Once the week has ended, the current batch of objectives will then be replaced by another set.

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What day is Fortnite weekly reset?

The weekly Fortnite challenges are reset every Tuesday at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT. You’ll be able to check each time by simply selecting the View Quests option found on the left side of the lobby and navigating to the “This Week” category.


Daily challenges are similarly reset at the same time albeit much more frequently as they change everyday. Milestone Quests, on the other hand, remain the same throughout the entire season, which usually is enough time to complete them.

Fortnite Weekly Challenges FAQs

How many weekly quests are in Fortnite?

There are a total of seven quests you can complete per week that will reward you with large amounts of XP.

Do Fortnite weekly challenges expire?

Yes, they do expire every Tuesday at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT. However, they will be replaced by a new batch of challenges soon after.