Latest Fortnite update adds Super Styles for Battle Pass skins

Latest Fortnite update adds Super Styles for Battle Pass skins
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The latest Fortnite update has brought a lot of new content. From gameplay changes to new cosmetic items, Epic Games made sure there was something everything could enjoy. While everyone is mostly focused on the new My Hero Academia collaboration, new Super Styles have also been added on Tuesday.

Super Styles can be obtained by leveling up beyond level 100 in Chapter 4 – Season 4. Each skin has a couple of unique styles that can be earned with levels, and now we finally get to see what they look like.

You can check new Fortnite Super Styles by opening the Battle Pass page in the game. Additionally, this article will reveal all of them.

New Super Styles for Fortnite Battle Pass skins look amazing

All the basic Battle Pass items can be unlocked by reaching level 100 in the current season. This means that it’s possible to unlock every single character, including Kado Thorne. Additionally, Epic Games has included 1,500 V-Bucks that can be obtained by leveling up the Battle Pass.

However, leveling up beyond level 100 grants new styles for skins. These styles are called Super Styles and they generally come in three different colors. In Season 4, here are the names of all variants:

  • Heisted Jade
  • Lost Amethyst
  • Yellow Diamond

Considering that the current season of the battle royale game is focused on heists, these names are just perfect. The latest Fortnite update has also brought a couple of new quests, including My Hero Academia quests, which can be used to level up quickly and unlock new Super Styles.

These skins and their styles will be unlockable until the end of the season. If everything goes according to plan, Season 4 will end on November 3. Fortunately, this is more than enough time to unlock every single Battle Pass skin and all the Super Styles.