Epic co-founder hints at game-changing feature coming in Fortnite Season 3

Epic co-founder hints at game-changing feature coming in Fortnite Season 3
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With the release of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 set for Friday, we have a lot of exciting information to share with you. The new season of the popular game will bring a lot of new content, including map changes and new items. However, Epic Games will also add new features, and one of them may have already been revealed.

Mark Rein, the co-founder of Epic, has already teased some content in the new season. On Tuesday night, he even hinted at a new feature that would completely change the game. If you’re interested in reading more, please keep scrolling. However, keep in mind that this article contains spoilers for the next Fortnite season.

Weapon attachments for cars may come in Fortnite Season 3

Cars first came to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 3. Ever since then, Epic Games has released many changes to them. At one point, these vehicles had certain mods that could be added, such as off-road tires and cow catchers. However, these mods are no longer in the game, although they may be replaced by a new feature.

According to a post by Mark Rein, we could get weapon attachments for cars in the next Fortnite season. These attachments haven’t been leaked yet, although it appears that Epic has been working on them for more than three years.

A tweet from Mark Rein with a smiling emoji is above a reply from another user expressing a hope to see vehicles with weapon attachments in Fortnite Season 3.
Mark Rein teased a new Fortnite feature. Image by VideoGamer

Back in January 2021, Hypex, the most reputable Fortnite leaker, posted about Epic working on new car attachments. One of the attachments was a mounted gun, which is something that we will likely get in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. These attachments will likely be separate items, and some cars may already come equipped with them.

With the release date of the next Fortnite season set for Friday, May 24, we will probably get more details about it soon. Besides leaks, Epic will release a few more teasers to hype the community up for Season 3.