Fortnite Reload’s popularity has caused Battle Royale to reach lowest player count ever

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Fortnite Reload was an unexpected surprise when Epic Games announced it last week before releasing it the following day. The new mini Battle Royale is Epic Games’ first attempt at utilizing UEFN to bring a core game mode before the main Battle Royale mode is moved over the engine. So far, the new mode has been a huge hit with players, so much so that it is now affecting the Battle Royale player count.

Fortnite Reload Duos Key Art
Image via Epic Games

HYPEX has noted that the core Battle Royale mode, including Zero Build, has now reached its lowest concurrent player count since Epic Games began showing the figures publicly in March 2023. In the image, it shows that just 331,700 players were playing Battle Royale compared to the 440,400 playing Fortnite Reload. So far, Fortnite Reload has peaked at over one million concurrent players each day so this figure will increase as the day goes on.

This comes following the most recent update that has seen Duos added to Fortnite Reload, with Trios expected to follow soon. The new mode has been a huge hit with players, with many enjoying revisiting an OG-inspired map as well as the faster-paced mode that allows for quick reboots to bring teams back into the game and keep the action flowing.

Epic Games hasn’t announced whether the mode is permanent or an LTM, but due to its popularity, it is unlikely that it will be removed and all signs point to it being a core game mode alongside Battle Royale, Festival, LEGO, Rocket Racing, Team Rumble, and Save The World.

If the new mini Battle Royale isn’t your thing, there is still plenty to do in the game, with Metallica being the featured artist of Fortnite Festival Season 4, bringing 11 songs to the game and being immortalized as skins. A new Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration is set to begin on July 19th that will bring a new mini Battle Pass that will allow players to unlock the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow.

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