Fortnite Reload to get new modes in future, leak shows

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Fortnite Reload has been the most popular mode over the past few days, attracting millions of players. The new game mode brought a small version of the Chapter 1 map back to the game, along with classic weapons and items. While many players enjoy the Reload mode, they are not happy about it only being available in the Squads.

If you want to play Reload, you need to bring over three other players in your Squad. Fortunately, this will soon be over, as Epic Games is working on adding new playlists. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Will Duos and Trios come to Fortnite Reload?

According to iFireMonkey, one of the most reputable Fortnite leakers, Epic has already added support for Reload Duos and Trios. Considering the initial success of the game mode, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Unfortunately, the release date of these modes is currently unknown. Considering that Epic Games is on a company-wide summer break, we may not get playlists for another month.

The fast-paced mode is fun, but a lot of players don’t have a Squad to play with. While playing with randoms is an option, it’s certainly not as fun as playing with friends.

Sparkle Specialist on the Fortnite Reload starting island
Fortnite Reload is fun, and the addition of Duos and Trios will make it even better. Image by VideoGamer

At the moment, it doesn’t seem that Epic is working on the Solo mode for Fortnite Reload. This doesn’t come as a surprise, since making the mode work in Solo would be quite tricky. After all, the mode relies on having at least one team member alive, which means that the game developer would need to change one of its main mechanics for the free-for-all mode. One of the solutions would be giving extra lives to all players, although this may not be perfect.

The next major Fortnite update will likely come out on Tuesday, July 23. This update may add Duos and Trios playlists for Fortnite Reload, although there is a chance that Epic will do this with a smaller content update over the next three weeks. While we’re waiting for these new playlists, make sure to hop into the game and unlock the Rezzbrella glider for free!

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