Fortnite players beg developers to bring back this massive game mode

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Throughout its history, Fortnite has often given players a large variety of limited-time game modes that have made the battle royale more memorable than its counterparts. However, there is seemingly one match type that fans are having a hard time letting go off and that’s the massive 50v50 mode that was first introduced back in 2017 as part of Chapter 1 Season 1.

The premise of 50v50 was simple: drop into the island with 49 other teammates, grab some loot, and rack up kills. Since there were 50 different combatants that you could encounter while traversing the map, each action-packed match was predictably filled with bullets flying all around while structures of differing sizes would rise out of nowhere as each player attempted to gain the advantageous high ground.

Sadly, the exciting match type was eventually removed by Epic Games near the end of Season 1 Chapter 5 and it hasn’t been featured since. Of course, many other entertaining offerings, such as the best Fortnite Creative Tycoon maps and best Adventure maps, have now gone on to replace the largely entertaining 50v50 mode. But it seems that the memories people made while playing it have continued to linger as many are now asking the developers to bring it back.

One nostalgic user even created a Reddit post asking the community why this particular game mode hasn’t returned. They would then say that they’ve “been playing Fortnite on and off for the past few years, but I’ve noticed that I haven’t seen 50v50 in forever.” Those commenting under the thread agreed with the post creator as one user simply said that “50 vs. 50 would be amazing.”

With Fortnite currently containing several different maps and modes already, the return of 50v50 seems highly unlikely as Epic Games has given no previous indication of wanting to bring back the massive match type. Luckily, all hope isn’t quite lost just yet as reintroductions of fan-favorite game modes is something that the developers have often done in the past.

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