Fortnite players have the weirdest complaint yet, but it’s one that we agree with

Fortnite players have the weirdest complaint yet, but it’s one that we agree with
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The newest Fortnite patch has already gone live, but player reception towards the recent changes has been less than ideal. Though a handful of new mainstream skins have predictably made their way into the game once again (yes, we are referring to the Invincible, Omni-Man, and Atom Eve skins), these fancy cosmetics have not been enough to dissuade the community from lodging their weirdest complaint yet about the new Fortnite font.

As part of the Fortnite update 27.10, one seemingly minor change Epic Games brought was a slight tweak to the font used with the in-game text. Now, to most video game communities, a small alteration like this would surely go unnoticed. But to a fan base as loyal as Fortnite’s, it’s no surprise that the reaction is as negative as it has been since this is the design players have been seeing since the game’s initial release in 2017.

For those unfamiliar, the beloved classic font used previously in Fortnite was Burbank Big Condensed Black. It featured a sleek and distinct yet somewhat whimsical design that helped set it apart from the Chalet 1960s, the Corporate Gothics, or, God forbid, the Comic Sans users of the video game world. Now, however, Epic Games has turned what was once a defining characteristic of the game into a generic, lifeless, and unoriginal feature.

Naturally, fans have been less than kind when complaining about the latest font tweak, with one Redditor saying: “What is Fortnite doing?? [The] OG season [is] insanely popular, people love the simple loot pool and the original cartoon style of Fortnite. Yet they’re still doing everything they can to remove that fun style – right down to the iconic font.” Unfortunately for the community, it doesn’t seem Epic Games will change the font any time soon since the update was only recently released.

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