Fortnite patch notes (September 19): Birthday event, free rewards, new Reality Augments, and more

Fortnite patch notes (September 19): Birthday event, free rewards, new Reality Augments, and more
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Epic Games just released another Fortnite content update. The update has brought several big gameplay changes, including a birthday event. Unfortunately, the video game developer stopped releasing detailed Fortnite patch notes with the release of Chapter 2, but we’ve got you covered.

The latest update is mostly focused on Fortnite’s sixth birthday. The video game has been out for a long time, which is why Epic released a special in-game event. The event will be active for at least one week, and during this period, players will be able to earn exclusive cosmetic items for free.

Here are the patch notes that reveal everything that’s changed in today’s Fortnite update.

Everything new in today’s Fortnite update

The latest Fortnite update has brought birthday quests and rewards. In total, eight quests can be completed during the event. Each quest grants 20,000 XP while completing more of them is a requirement for unlocking free cosmetic items.

A couple of these quests require players to use unvaulted items. These items returned to the game as soon as the event began at 9 AM Eastern Time. Besides them, Epic Games has also brought back several Reality Augments and added a new one.

Fortnite Birthday Cakes.
Image via Epic Games

Here are the detailed Fortnite patch notes:

  • Birthday Presents unvaulted
    • They can be found on the ground or in chests
  • Balloons unvaulted
    • Activate them with a new Reality Augment or pick them up from the ground or chests
  • Bloodhound Reality Augment unvaulted
    • Mark enemies after hitting them with a marksman rifle
  • Shell Slide Reality Augment unvaulted
    • Gain shotgun ammo while sliding
  • Jump Balloon Reality Augment added
    • Get a balloon automatically when you jump
  • Birthday Cakes now spawn in named locations
    • Consume them to restore health and shield

The Fortnite Birthday event will likely be active until the v26.20 update next week. In the meantime, make sure to find Birthday Cakes and consume them to complete this year’s quests and unlock exclusive rewards.