Fortnite teases Nick Eh 30 Icon Series skin and its release date

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Nich Eh 30 is finally getting his Icon Series skin in Fortnite! The 29-year-old content creator has played the game for more than six years, yet his still hasn’t come out yet. However, that will change very soon. Both Epic Games and the popular gamer have hinted at the release of the skin, and we even know its potential release date.

The Canadian streamer posted a couple of hints on his social media, revealing that the release date is likely just around the corner.

The release date of the Nick Eh 30 skin in Fortnite may have been revealed

Epic Games has released numerous Icon Series skins in Fortnite over the past few years. Many popular celebrities have gotten their skins, from Ariana Grande to LeBron James. Furthermore, Epic honored some of Fortnite’s top content creators, like Ninja and SypherPK, with their own skins. Due to this, adding a Fortnite skin of Nick Eh 30 makes a lot of sense.

Epic posted the first hint about the collaboration on Saturday, June 8. Shortly after, the popular streamer tweeted an image, confirming the partnership and revealing its potential release date. The image shows Tuesday, June 11, which will be the date of the skin reveal. More specifically, Nick Eh 30 will reveal his Fortnite skin on Tuesday at 3 PM Eastern Time.

Considering that the next Fortnite update is just around the corner, this makes sense.

Fortnite x Nich Eh 30 car decal
Nick Eh 30 will also get a special car decal. Image by VideoGamer

Epic will release the v30.10 update on Thursday, and Nick’s skin may come out right after Fortnite downtime ends. Besides the skin, we expect the content creator to have his own bundle that includes a couple of other cosmetic items, from a glider to a pickaxe. On top of this, Epic Games added a Nick Eh 30 car decal to Rocket League, and this item will likely be usable in Fortnite as well.

The upcoming update will not only add Nick Eh 30, but a lot of other content as well. From new skins and super styles to the Fortnite x Metallica collaboration, players are in for a treat. Considering that this will be the first major update of Chapter 5 Season 3, we expect each game mode to get new content, including LEGO Fortnite.

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