Metallica hints at even more Jam Tracks coming to Fortnite

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The Fortnite x Metallica collaboration resulted in a lot of new cosmetics being added to the game. Most players are interested in skins, although fans of the legendary band couldn’t wait to get their hands on songs and Jam Tracks. So far, Epic Games has released 11 Metallica Jam Tracks, although a few more of them will arrive soon.

Before the collaboration fades to black, there’s another surprise for Metallica fans. Thanks to a new Spotify playlist, we know four new songs that are set to arrive in Fortnite.

Four more Metallica songs will be added as Fortnite Jam Tracks

The Metallica x Fortnite Spotify playlist suggests that four more songs will be added as Jam Tracks. The playlist recently received these new songs and now has 15 tracks in total. Yet in the game, Epic has released only 11 of them. Due to this, we expect the other four songs to be released before the collaboration ends, which is currently scheduled for August 16.

According to the playlist, these songs will soon be added:

  • Fade To Black
  • Battery
  • Sad But True
  • Hit The Lights
Metallica x Fortnite song playlist on Spotify
More Metallica hits will come to Fortnite. Image by VideoGamer

The release date of these songs is currently unknown. However, considering that Epic Games releases new Jam Tracks every Thursday, they may be added on July 4. Furthermore, we expect these Metallica songs to come to the Fortnite Item Shop and cost 500 V-Bucks each. Keep in mind that Jam Tracks can also be used as Lobby Music, which makes them much more valuable.

While we’re waiting for the release of these songs, make sure to check free skins in Fortnite and unlock them. Furthermore, the Metallica collaboration has also brought a free Fortnite car, and we can easily unlock it by completing limited-time quests in Rocket Racing.

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