Fortnite player in disbelief after getting exclusive Item Shop offers

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Fortnite’s Item Shop has a variety of offers every single day. Over the past six and a half years, Epic Games has released thousands of cosmetic items, releasing most of them to the shop. However, this digital storefront is unique, as only selected items are available every day. Due to this, some cosmetics haven’t returned in more than 1,000 days.

Obtaining rare Fortnite items is a dream come true for almost every player. Interestingly, Epic recently made a mistake and granted one Fortnite player several exclusive offers in the shop.

This Fortnite player got several exclusive items in the shop

Epic Games rotates the Fortnite Item Shop every 24 hours, releasing new cosmetics or bringing old ones back. The shop has a limited amount of items and generally has every type of cosmetic, including skins and emotes. On top of that, the Fortnite developer releases real-money bundles from time to time, making them available for a few weeks.

Reddit user Individual_Ad_697 received a couple of extra items in the shop, which was quite surprising. The Fortnite player shared several screenshots of his Item Shop, showing six bundles that were not supposed to be available. The Reddit user also claimed that a few more offers eventually appeared, and they were also able to purchase these items.

Shadows Rising pack in Fortnite
The Shadows Rising Pack was also available. Image via Epic Games

Interestingly, most of these offers were last available 200 or more days ago. The Fortnite player was able to purchase the Shadows Rising Pack, which was last seen in the Item Shop on September 17, 2023. Furthermore, the player claimed they also had the Bioluminescence Quest Pack, which contains both cosmetics and V-Bucks.

It will be interesting to see what happens to these cosmetics in the future. However, Epic may refund these purchases at a later date and remove them from the player’s account.

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