Epic Games confirms massive Fortnite change coming next season

Epic Games confirms massive Fortnite change coming next season
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The next Fortnite season is around the corner and will bring many changes to the game. Once again, Epic Games will release map and gameplay changes, new cosmetics, and a lot more. However, the upcoming season is unique because it will bring a big change to the Item Shop. Epic already confirmed this, and it’s coming on May 24.

One thing that makes Fortnite unique is its ever-changing nature. Due to this, it’s no surprise that its developer keeps experimenting with different features. The upcoming change will be great for the community, and many players are looking forward to it.

The next Fortnite season will bring a big change to the Item Shop

Fortnite’s Item Shop has gone through a massive evolution over the past six and a half years. At first, the shop was basic and only had a couple of cosmetic items. However, Epic then improved it, adding more offers, such as bundles and real-money cosmetics. Furthermore, the game developer added an option to get quicker refunds for accidental purchases.

Earlier this season, Epic removed legacy cosmetic rarities from Fortnite, which was a rather controversial change. On top of this, the company decided to add a timer to the shop starting with Chapter 5 Season 3, which is fantastic. The game developer confirmed this in a blog post last month, revealing a few details about it.

Two in-game item shops for Fortnite have seen a change. Left: "Ghoul Trooper Outfit" for 1,500 V-Bucks and "Skull Trooper Outfit" for 1,200 V-Bucks. Right: "Daredevil Bundle" now available for 2,200 V-Bucks, down from 3,100 V-Bucks.
Fortnite’s Item Shop has gone through many changes. Image by VideoGamer

Beginning in late May 2024, we will also add the planned date that every individual item will rotate out of the Shop to the item’s description page. 

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Adding this timer will slightly reduce the impact of the fear of missing out factor, allowing players to make more rational decisions with their purchases. Almost the Item Shop is random, and no one but Epic knows when certain cosmetics will return or leave. Due to this, adding this new timer will be very useful and will certainly reduce impulse purchases by the Fortnite community.

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