Epic Games makes big changes to Fortnite Island Creator program, here’s what’s new

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The Fortnite Island Creator program allows talented players to earn money with their Creative maps. Thanks to the release of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) earlier this year, it’s now possible to create amazing games within Fortnite. However, creators who want to monetize their maps need to follow specific rules.

Most of these rules are in place to ensure that creators make original maps. Additionally, using copyright-protected assets is not possible. While UEFN offers many amazing tools, a lot of creators make duplicate maps, which is one of the main complaints players have.

However, this will likely change with the updated rules Epic Games recently published.

Fortnite island creators need to be more original

With the latest update, Epic Games clarified some Fortnite Island Creator rules. In addition, the company added two new rules, which should make the Creative mode much better. Here are the rules:

  • Be Original – Don’t duplicate, copy, or reproduce other creator’s work, whether it’s assets, names, descriptions, or anything else. Additionally, impersonating other creators, celebrities, or anyone else is not allowed.
  • Exceptions – Epic Games may grant Island Creator exceptions if the primary purpose of an island is focused on education, science, art, or history.

In addition to this, the game developer updated and emphasized a few other rules:

  • Giving credit to other creators for using their assets
  • Avoiding cheats and exploits in maps
  • Avoiding gambling content
  • Avoiding external links and QR codes on islands
  • Staying within hardware spec requirements

Finally, one of the biggest changes affects Fortnite’s Support-A-Creator program. With the program, content creators get 5% of whatever their supporters spend in Fortnite’s Item Shop. However, Epic Games emphasized that Support-A-Creator codes are not allowed to be promoted in Creative maps. Creators are encouraged to promote them, but only outside of Fortnite.

For more information and detailed rules, please visit the official blog post.

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