Epic Games is granting another free Fortnite emote, check if you’re eligible

Epic Games is granting another free Fortnite emote, check if you’re eligible
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Ice Moves is a new Fortnite emote that is completely free. Epic Games sent it to numerous players on Friday, but many of them don’t know why. Our article will help you determine if you’re eligible for the free Fortnite item and how you can receive it.

Before we start, however, keep in mind that you can get Nanner Ringer emote for free. The emote will be unlockable for a few more weeks, and you can easily redeem it. Furthermore, check out our list of free Fortnite skins if you want to expand your locker.

Ice Moves is a free Fortnite emote

The Ice Moves emote was recently released by Epic Games. It was granted to players who dealt with LEGO Fortnite issues earlier this week. If you played this game mode and had problems with it, you should receive the emote. There isn’t anything you need to do, as the free emote will pop up next time you enter Fortnite.

Many players lost their time and progress due to the issue which caused buildings to crumble. Due to this, Epic decided to compensate them with a free cosmetic item. Furthermore, the development team performed a rollback, restoring progress in the world.

“As a thank you for your patience with us earlier this week, we granted the Ice Moves Emote to players who lost time and progress while we took LEGO Fortnite offline to resolve an issue with builds crumbling,” Epic posted on the official X account of the game mode.

If you haven’t received the free Fortnite emote, yet you had issues with the game, we suggest you contact Epic Games.

Considering that the Ice Moves emote is a free reward, it may not arrive in Fortnite’s Item Shop in the future. Many free rewards, including the Rust Bucket back bling from Chapter 1, have never returned to the game.