Fortnite player adds custom spells to Creative map, and they look fantastic

Fortnite player adds custom spells to Creative map, and they look fantastic
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Fortnite Creative received a massive upgrade earlier this year. With the release of Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), Epic Games added many new capabilities to the game mode. Thanks to it, it is now possible to add custom 3D models, animations, and much more.

Talented creators have already taken advantage of these new features. Thanks to UEFN, some maps have attracted millions of players and even made millions of dollars. A Creative map that is currently in development is set to bring custom spells to the video game, which is incredible.

This article will reveal the map and provide a sneak peek into it.

This Fortnite Creative map adds a new feature to the game

BrendannnD is the username of the Fortnite player who’s currently developing a fantastic UEFN map. The player has been featured by Epic Games numerous times, and his maps have received over 150 million plays. Due to this, it’s no surprise that the creator is preparing another mind-blowing map.

Earlier this year, the Fortnite Creative player released a domination-like map with custom weapons. Now, BrendannnD is preparing a map with custom spells, and we can’t wait for it to come out. The map is currently in development, but the creator has released a short video that shows how these spells work.

The in-development map features four different spells and a collision detection system. These spells are unique and can be used for damaging, blocking, or moving enemies. The Fortnite Creative map is still in its early phase, but its creator has big plans for it.

According to his X (formerly Twitter) profile, the creator is planning to add a crosshair to make aiming with magic spells easier. Additionally, BrendannnD will look to add more special effects to the map, especially to the character while using magic spells.

Considering that the map is currently in development, its code is not available right now. However, you can follow the map creator on X for more updates.