Fortnite birthday quests, rewards, and expected start time

Fortnite birthday quests, rewards, and expected start time
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Fortnite will soon celebrate its sixth birthday. While the PvE mode, Save the World, was released in July 2017, the Battle Royale mode came out a few months later. Officially, Fortnite Battle Royale was released on September 26, 2017.

Six years later, the game is still very popular. With millions of active players on a daily basis, Epic Games’ creation is as strong as it was during its peak. Considering that its birthday is just around the corner, the development team will release a special event for it.

This year’s birthday quests and free rewards have already been leaked, and this article will reveal them.

Next Fortnite birthday will bring three free cosmetic items

The v26.10 update brought a lot of new content to Fortnite. Many players are in love with the new My Hero Academia collaboration and have missed the leak which shows upcoming birthday rewards. According to iFireMonkey, a reputable leaker, the Fortnite birthday event will bring eight new quests and three new cosmetics.

Here are all the quests that will be released for the event:

  • Wish the bus driver a happy birthday
  • Dance with characters in different matches
  • Collect Birthday Presents
  • Land during Fortnite’s 6th birthday
  • Consume Birthday Cake
  • Use Balloons
  • Play matches
  • Down opponents

Each quest grants 20,000 XP, and since there are eight of them, this is enough to gain two Battle Pass levels. However, players who complete five birthday quests will unlock three new cosmetic items for free. Here are the items that will be available during the event:

  • Birthday Basher Pickaxe
  • Birthday Dash Spray
  • Slice O’ Six Back Bling

The release date of the Fortnite birthday event hasn’t been revealed yet. However, considering that these items were added with the v26.10 update, the expected release date and start time of the event is Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern Time.