Fortnite adds tornadoes and lightning storms in latest update

Fortnite adds tornadoes and lightning storms in latest update
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Fortnite’s latest update has now gone live, and is introducing extreme weather conditions like tornadoes and lightning storms to the battle royale for the first time.

The new weather is the latest addition to the recently launched Chapter 3. From today, rounds have a chance to see tornadoes start to form on the map in random locations. Brave players can choose to enter the tornado, where they’ll get to ride it to another part of the map. You won’t have to worry about fall damage either, which is handy.

Lightning Storms, meanwhile, are heralded by dark clouds circling in the sky above the map. When the lightning hits the ground, it’ll deal a small amount of damage and set the nearby ground on fire. However, it’ll also give any players struck a temporary speed boost, so it may be worth the risk to give you the extra edge for victory. Players can increase their chances of getting struck by jumping in water, or getting to the highest point underneath.

And of course, lightning doesn’t strike twice, so you won’t be hit again right after if you do. To celebrate the introduction of Fortnite‘s tornadoes, the game will host a Tornado Week from today until January 17. During this time, you’ll have a higher than normal chance to encounter tornadoes on the island.

Elsewhere, today’s update also sees the return of the Flare Gun. It’s been unvalued as of the current update, although it’s currently not in competitive playlists. Epic say they’ll monitor it, and potentially bring it in after an evaluation period. The update, number v19.01, is live right now in Fortnite across all platforms.