Fortnite Summer Event 2024 brings free rewards, XP, new quests, and more

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Another Fortnite summer event is here! This year, it’s all about sweat. The event is called “All Sweat Summer” and will last for a few weeks. While most summer events last for approximately two weeks, this one is different. Unless Epic Games makes a change to it, the event will last until the end of Chapter 5 Season 3, currently scheduled for August 16.

In this article, we will take a look at the new content Epic has prepared for the summer event. Once again, we can earn free rewards by completing quests. These rewards include a couple of cosmetic items.

The new Fortnite Summer Event brings free rewards

Free Summer Event rewards in Fortnite
Fortnite summer event quests are now available. Image by VideoGamer

By completing new quests in Fortnite, you can earn a lot of XP, as well as three cosmetic items. This year, you can add a new wrap, a back bling, and a glider to your locker. However, considering how long the event is going to last, there is a chance that Epic Games will release even more content later on. At the moment, the company is on a summer break, which is why the next update is scheduled for late July.

These are the free rewards that are currently available:

  • Water Levels Wrap
  • Deck Ducky Back Bling
  • Summer Sail Shark Glider

The Underwriter NPC was also enabled and can now be found on the island. There have been no gameplay changes with the event, although we expect that Epic will unvault some items after returning from summer break.

Free cosmetic items in the new Fortnite Summer event
The summer event brings three new Fortnite items you can earn for free. Image by VideoGamer

In addition to the free cosmetic items, this year’s Fortnite summer event brings numerous quests that grant nearly 1 million XP. This comes down to more than 10 Battle Pass levels, which is a massive leveling boost. Considering that most of the quests are easy and that they will stay in the game for a few weeks, completing them will be a piece of cake.

During the summer event, Fortnite will get even more content, including map changes and new items. All of these will also be part of the Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration, which will perfectly blend into the summer event. The collaboration is scheduled to begin on Friday, July 19.

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