The Xbox One has been designed to be left turned on for 10 years without failure, inside sources at Microsoft have told Digital Foundry.

With this in mind it explains why the Xbox One is so large.

Microsoft is believed to have played it safe with the Xbox One design, placing a great emphasis on reliability. Not only does the console have to work for 10 years, it also has to be welcomed into the living room, meaning silent operation is a must and as a result efficient heat dissipation is essential.

Based on an extrapolation from the size of a USB port, the Xbox One is believed to measure 34x26x8 cm, giving ample room for a hefty fan - one which can spin slower thanks to its large blades, retaining impressive airflow all without being heard.

And all this is required because of Xbox One's design to be at the heart of all forms of entertainment, able to instantly switch between games, TV, and then back again without losing any progress.

So important is this feature that sources have told Digital Foundry that internally at Microsoft there is great frustration these benefits haven't been successfully sold to consumers. Gamescom will be used to have a second stab at explaining the Xbox One's selling points.

Xbox One will be released in November.

Source: Digital Foundry