The first details on upcoming PSN platformer Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken have surfaced on the PlayStation Blog.

Developed by Ratloop, Rocketbirds is described as a 'cinematic platform game', where players assume the role of a chicken with a jetpack.

Hardboiled Chicken is a re-imagining of browser game Rocketbirds: Revolution!, with new weapons, new enemies, new levels, new movies and new tracks - it's had a complete graphical overhaul, in fact, even going as far as to add stereoscopic 3D support.

"Hardboiled Chicken, a chicken so tough he survived being boiled as a foetus, jet-packs into Albatropolis on his way to kill the totalitarian and 'fearless' leader of the penguins: 'Il Putzki'." explains Ratloop founder Sian Yue Tan.

"Unfortunately, he crashes in the wrong place and must run, shoot and climb the rest of the way. With your help, many penguins will lose their lives, a revolution will be sparked and much ammo will be wasted!"

"Rocketbirds gets its stylistic influences from the European comics I read when I was growing up." continues Tan. "When I started reading comics, it was Ravian, Tin Tin, Asterix, Storm, Lucky Luke, then later, as a teenager (and beyond), I started following comic book artists such as Jean Giraud, Simon Bisley and Jamie Hewlitt. I'd always liked reading the absurdist tales of the 2000 AD comics (Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors etc.), so I decided to tell a dark, absurdist tale of my own in Rocketbirds."

The reason we're bringing the game to your attention is because, well, it looks pretty cluckin' good.

Check out the trailer below.