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Fire Emblem: Three Houses players’ favourite character is exactly who you think it is

A survey of Fire Emblem: Three Houses players — conducted by Famitsu — revealed interesting insights into its community, including their favourite house, characters, class, and crest (via Frontline). 

Grab the popcorn and buckle up, buttercups, because sparks will surely fly. Firstly, the survey found that players’ favourite house is the Blue Lions, then the Black Eagles, with the Golden Deer trailing lamentably behind. Blue Lions snagged almost 1,400 votes, Black Eagles got just shy of 1,200 votes, and Gold Deer received a little under 900 votes. 

Players’ favourite crest is Fraldarius with 946 votes, followed by Flames holding 827 votes. In third place with a difference of 600 votes is Gloucester, then Indech, Maurice, and Riegan hover in close quarters in fourth, fifth, and sixth place. The Crest of Cethleann is least popular, possibly because its legendary stave is a little spindly when compared to the powerful Fraldarius sword and shield. 

When it comes to classes, players prefer to take on the role of a Pegasus Knight in the beginner and intermediate stage. Wyvern Riders are prevalent in the advanced classes, soaring above Snipers, Swordmasters, and Assassins by approximately 200 votes. It’s the same case for the Wyvern Lord; the Mortal Savants, Falcon Knights, and Gremories didn’t stand a chance. 

Now for the moment the world’s been waiting for. The respondents picked their favourite male character and their favourite female character from the game, both Byleths included. But there was one fellow who left them all behind and won the hearts of almost half of all players surveyed. Yep, it’s Dimitri. The blue-blooded blondie believes in class revolution and loves awful puns, so it’s a match made in heaven for millennial players. Claude isn’t far behind, with 1,249 votes, and Felix secures the bronze medal position. 

Bernadetta is Fire Emblem: Three Houses players’ favourite female character. She received more than 100 votes more than the Black Eagles leader, Edelgard. Bernadetta has had a rough time of it, and it’s possible players identified with her, as almost 180 people chose her as Byleth’s S-rank support. Lysithea and Hilda are players’ second and third favourite female characters, representing the so far underrepresented Golden Deer house.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was the series first entry onto the Nintendo Switch, so there is some scientific rationale for collecting all this player data. Questions also asked how many playthroughs players had achieved and whether they used the Amiibo or online features. In addition, the survey recorded the age of its respondents and there’s one Fire Emblem player who’s in their eighties. Legendary.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is out now for the Nintendo Switch.


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