A brand new HD version of Final Fantasy III will be an OUYA launch title, the console's makers have revealed.

The news was broken this afternoon via the project's Kickstarter page.

"This morning, we are honoured to announce that OUYA is partnering with Square Enix to bring you one of the most beloved franchises in gaming - Final Fantasy," said OUYA founder Julie Uhrman. "We will kick this off with Final Fantasy III, which will be a launch title on OUYA. This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FFIII on their televisions through a console.

"But that's not the end of it: We're promising to deliver Final Fantasy III like you've never seen it before - Hironobu Sakaguchi's third instalment in the role playing game franchise will be updated to exploit OUYA's high-definition resolution in glorious graphic detail."

You'll be able to try the game via a free demo, Uhrman added.

OUYA promises to be a $99 Android-based home console. Vocal supporters of the project include Brian Fargo, Mark Kern, and Robert Bowling. Bowling's new studio, Robotoki, is working on an OUYA-exclusive prequel to their debut game, Human Element.

The Kickstarter project for OUYA has raised $5.82m at the time of writing, and there are still 8 days left to go.

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