Final Fantasy 16 latest trailer displays more of its epic, sword-slashing story

Final Fantasy 16 latest trailer displays more of its epic, sword-slashing story
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Another trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 16 has surfaced at the May 2023 PlayStation showcase and it exhibits more of the game’s exciting story. The preview also heavily features Ralph Ineson’s performance as Cid as that iconic voice has seemingly made an appearance in several recent AAA titles.

In addition to more plot snippets, a few sneak peeks at the massively threatening Eikons could also be seen throughout the preview so this should bring even more excitement to the blessed Final Fantasy fan base. Unfortunately, it only contained a handful of looks at the combat and gameplay, but with the Final Fantasy 16 release date now closer than ever, you’ll only have to wait a little longer to experience it yourself.

Not to be forgotten, the short clip primarily featured Clive Rosfield, the game’s protagonist, as he fought against a wide variety of enemies. At one point in the video, he could be seen summoning the ever-present Eikon, Ifrit, in an effort to use its powers while in combat. It’s currently unclear, though, if you’ll be able to use all of the other Eikons that have been shown throughout the entire series, such as Shiva and Garuda, as well.

Since FF16 is slated to launch in the beginning of June, most of the key in-game details that players need to know have already been released by Square Enix at this point in time. However, the excitement surrounding the latest series installment continues to mount due to the glowing gameplay previews that critics have released so far.

If you want to get even more hyped about the upcoming open world fantasy adventure from Square Enix, then you should check out the trailer for yourself. If you’ve already been convinced by the numerous previews that are already available, then we suggest reading through our Final Fantasy 16 pre order bonus details page so you can decide on which version to buy.

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