Filming has begun on Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, the live-action series from Hollywood actor Joey Ansah, Capcom announced during its panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend.

The series will be directed by Ansah (who starred as Desh in The Bourne Ultimatum), and was recently seen in Snow White and the Huntsman, The Numbers Station with John Cusack, and is co-star and action director of Lionsgate's upcoming Greenstreet Underground: Hooligans.

Ansah together with Christian Howard has penned the script, and has been able to attract a cast which includes:

  • Togo Igawa as 'Gōtetsu'
  • Joey Ansah as 'Akuma'
  • Mike Moh as 'Ryu'
  • Christian Howard as 'Ken'
  • Akira Koieyama as 'Gouken'
  • Shogen as 'Young Gouken'
  • Gaku Space as 'Gouki'
  • Hyunri as 'Sayaka'

Veteran actor Hal Yamanouchi, co-star of the upcoming The Wolverine, and Mark Killeen, from Game of Thrones, have also been added to the cast line up.

Filming is expected to be completed by the end of August, with a proposed early 2014 release date.

Source: Press release