FIFA 14 will be announced for "additional platforms" - presumably PS4, the next Xbox, Wii U and PlayStation Vita - "in the months ahead", EA Sports has told

Information about this year's edition of FIFA was revealed by EA Sports earlier today. But rather than announcing the game for all formats, the publisher only confirmed the title for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, leading to speculation that the title could be skipping a release on Nintendo's latest console. Sony's handheld and next-gen formats.

But in a statement provided to, an EA Sports representative confirmed that "additional platforms [for FIFA 14] will be revealed in the months ahead".

The tactic appears to be similar to the one EA has adopted for Battlefield 4, which has currently only been announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC despite previous comments from EA suggesting that the title could also release on next-gen consoles.

Nevertheless, the lack of a Wii U announcement at the game's reveal is worrying. EA Sports suggested to last year that decisions surrounding future Wii U versions of FIFA would rest on the console's success - and we all know how that's going.

The firm has also chosen not to adapt its Frostbite engine - which is being used to power games like Battlefield 4, Dragon Age 3, and an upcoming Need For Speed - to operate on Wii U.

A release on PlayStation Vita also seems uncertain following the handheld's ongoing struggle to make an impact in the market, and EA's lazy approach to last year's version.

But could EA be gearing up to reveal next-gen versions of FIFA and Battlefield during Microsoft's imminent next-gen console announcement? Expect to hear more next month. was given an early look at this year's FIFA last week. Head through the link to find out what's new in FIFA 14.

Source: EA Representative

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